17 January 2020


This week's Five Minute Friday word prompt is SACRIFICE:

I was reading the account of Abraham taking his son Isaac up on a mountain to sacrifice him, in obedience to an instruction Abraham had received from God.

This was Abraham's much-loved and greatly-longed for son of promise.

I often wonder what was going through Abraham's mind and heart as he walked with his son up that hillside. Such turmoil, such hope, such faith.

The story ends perfectly with the Angel of the Lord calling to Abraham at the key moment and telling him not to kill his son. It was a test of Abraham's love for and faith in God. Would he put God before God's gift?

But on this time of reading, I pondered a different Father and Son. As the Son (AKA the Angel of the Lord) called to Abraham to stop, did He glance over to the Father? What would have been in their hearts at that point? Because when the Son offered Himself as a sacrifice, there was no one to call 'stop!' at the crucial moment.


  1. The forerunner to Christ's sacrifice. Abraham and Isaac. Great post. I'm your neighbor #12 at FMF

  2. What was Abraham to do
    when told to kill his son?
    After all that he'd been through,
    when hope had just begun,
    why did the order come to him,
    come down from up On High?
    Was this God's ungrateful whim
    that Isaac had to die?
    But still, he did as he was told,
    the altar with his child on top
    until that moment when the bold
    angel bade him pause, and stop.
    Thus Abraham's human faith was made,
    but there was none to stop Christ's fate.

    1. So thankful for Christ's obedience. Thanks Andrew.

  3. I don't know why this story - of Abraham's willingness to make such a sacrifice - is one of my favorites but I did not even think of it this morning. Thanks for the reminder...and your thoughts on it!!