14 January 2020

Devices and Desires

This is my favourite PD James' book to date.

There is a mass murderer on the loose in Norfolk, nicknamed 'The Whistler' because of his eerie whistling as he strangles his victims and stuffs their mouths with their hair.

Local police are stumped and East Anglian women are not safe to be out alone at night.

We are introduced to an intriguing set of very different characters living in a remote corner of this rural county. The nuclear power station overshadows everything and casts its own atmosphere through the story.

Adam Dalgliesh is on leave from the Met police and, while not actively involved in the case, does play his part.

All sorts of secrets are unearthed within this quiet community as the police hunt for the murderer. But then one night it becomes chillingly apparent that there is more than one killer on the loose....

I found it hard to put this book down and loved the different threads of characters' lives and secrets running through it. I'm happy to award it 5*.

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