20 January 2020

A Week in the Life of Corinth

If you enjoy delving into the culture and times of the Bible, then I can recommend this series published by IVP Academic.

I saw the series advertised on Twitter and put it straight on my wish list. This is the first book of the Week in the Life series I've read and I wasn't disappointed. I've ordered another already!

Based on historical facts, this is a novella set in the Corinth of the apostle Paul.

Learning history via a story appeals to me as I don't tend to take in dry facts but learn through imagination.

The storyline is simple and interspersed with useful and interesting information about the time, place and culture.

The main character is freedman Nicanor who works for his former owner, Erastos. This important man is running for city treasurer, as mentioned in Paul's letter to the Romans (chapter 16) as well as elsewhere in the New Testament.

The book is well written and clearly laid out. The interposed facts entitled 'A Closer Look' are easily found and can be taken alone or alongside the story. Likewise, the story can read by itself.

I found it both interesting and useful and am happy to award it 5*.

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