19 November 2019

A Time of Green

I love Eleanor Watkins' books and this was no exception. It's the fascinating story of twelve-year-old Juniper and her great-grandma June.

June has recently been diagnosed with dementia and Juniper is determined to learn her great-grandma's childhood stories before it's too late.

As a young child, June was one of many evacuees sent out of London during the bombing in WWII. She found herself on a farm in Wales. At first, she hated it: the mud, the cold, the animals, an outside privy, and a family who were all strangers to her.

A Time of Green is the delightful account of how June settles down and finds her feet on the farm. She especially enjoys the cold mud of winter being exchanged for the vibrant greens of spring. June has some exciting adventures. She and the family work alongside German POWs and Land Girls, and there is all excitement when the American GIs arrive in the village, not to mention an escaped POW....

I really enjoyed this Young Adult book and am happy to award it 4*.

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