18 December 2019

Transformed by God's Love

Transformed by God's Love is the personal account of Sarah who, for more than thirty years, identified as gay. She was one of the first same sex couples to formalise her relationship by civil partnership.

But in 2015, she was called out of a gay lifestyle.

This book is her story, of the internal and external battles she faced as she sought answers to her many questions about sexuality, God and the Church. During the process, she was welcomed and loved - without judgement - by her local church. They gave her the space and support she needed to work things through, trying to make sense of what the Bible says and what she believed.

She writes honestly and directly about the process of trying to understand what God says about human sexuality. She initially researched online and questioned people within the Church for answers. Was being actively homosexual wrong? Or was it okay? But she got hugely differing responses from it being the worst ever abomination to yes, it was fine and God was okay with same sex relationships.

But Sarah wasn't satisfied with the Church's wavering opinions. She wanted to go to the source: what did God think?

This book is the result of months of ransacking the Bible on what it really says about homosexuality. The arguments Sarah offers are easy to follow and backed up by her own testimony. 

It is a powerful and thought-provoking resource for anyone wondering what God says on this hot issue. 

Sarah also challenges the Church to a) stand up for the Bible on this and other issues, and b) to truly welcome all people. 

I, for one, am thankful that Sarah's church welcomed her and gave her space to explore the Bible and a relationship with God without pressure or judgement. May every Christian church in the UK follow suit.

I am delighted to award this short and very useful book 4*.

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