13 December 2019

The Yorkshire Pudding Club

If you've ever read and enjoyed The Fat Ladies Club, you'll like Milly Johnson's fictional The Yorkshire Pudding Club.

The three main characters are: quiet but determined Helen, career-woman Janey and emotionally-complicated Elizabeth. They are best friends who all fall unexpectedly pregnant within days of each other.

Since they are all in their late thirties, one might assume they'd be delighted. But it's not as simple as that.

Helen is desperate for a baby but is worried about her husband who seems less than pleased. Stuck in an unhappy and abusive marriage, how can Helen protect herself and her baby?

Janey's husband is ecstatic - if slightly burdened by guilt - that he is going to become a father. But for Janey, this pregnancy has come at a bad time since she is up for her dream promotion. She doesn't want to spoil her husband's delight in the baby but is unable to share in it.

Elizabeth is consumed with fear that she won't be able to love her baby since she knows so little about love herself after an unhappy childhood. She is determined to push everyone away and remain fiercely independent. Until the return of an old friend who somehow manages to slip through some of her barriers.

In different ways, all three women find themselves empowered by their pregnancies. As their boobs and bumps get bigger, so does their confidence in who they are as women.

I loved this book which is both funny and sad, sensitively touching on some difficult issues without being overshadowed by them. It's a great read and I'm happy to award it 4*.

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