07 November 2019

It's Always the Husband

I don't think I've ever read a girlie whodunnit/psychological thriller before but, having discovered It's Always the Husband I'm keen to find more in this genre. Particularly if they are written by Michele Campbell.

The book follows the lives of three university/college students: Aubrey, Jenny and Kate.

Aubrey comes from a poor family and feels she always has to work extra-hard to succeed. She is thrilled to be accepted by Jenny and Kate, both of whom have a higher social standing than her. Aubrey idolises Kate, who introduces her to partying with alcohol and drugs.

Jenny is well-off, sensible and ambitious. She is jealous of Aubrey's relationship with Kate; Jenny is always the one to come to Aubrey's rescue when the partying goes awry. Yet Aubrey clings to Kate being her very best friend and seems to take Jenny for granted.

Kate is the spoiled, rich, party girl who feels unloved and unwanted by her father and stepmother(s). She appears fun-loving and reckless but has a deeper, darker side to her.

The storyline kept me gripped. I tried to guess the victim and the murderer from the first page but completely failed on both counts. There are lots of twists and turns. I found it hard to put this book down.

I'm very happy to award it 5*.

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