26 November 2019

A Mind to Murder

This is the first PD James novel I've read, and I really enjoyed it. The style of this particular book reminded me of Agatha Christie - who is one of my favourite authors.

There has been a murder in the medical records room of the Steen Clinic in London. It seems clear to the police that the culprit must be someone who works at the clinic or possibly a patient.

The murder victim is Miss Bolam, the clinic's abrasive and unpopular admin officer. In some ways, it seems unsurprising that she is the victim although people are not usually murdered simply for being unpleasant....

I was happy with the twists and turns, learning more about the different characters and possible motives for murder. I never have much of a clue whodunnit and this case was no different, but I enjoyed following the plot and was (as per usual for me) surprised at the end by both the murderer and the motive.

I'm looking forward to reading more PD James from the library and am happy to award this book 4*

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