03 January 2020

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

I do enjoy PD James' writing; it's like a cross between Colin Dexter's Morse and Agatha Christie - win, win.

This is the story of Cordelia Gray, the junior partner of a private detective agency. It is her first case since her senior partner's death and she has to rely on her wits and instinct as well as everything Bernie had taught her.

Sir Ronald Callender asks Cordelia to investigate the apparent suicide of his son Mark. (This is the days before the internet and it made me realise afresh how time-consuming it was to look up information without having Google and Bing at our fingertips.)

Cordelia slowly pieces together the last days and hours of Mark's life, refusing to be put off by lies and threats.

As per usual for me, I did not anticipate the end of the story at all. Lots of plot twists to keep me turning the pages. I even stayed up till the early hours one night as I couldn't bear to leave the book unfinished. Even when Cordelia discovers the whole story about Mark's death and the case appears to be closed, there is more to come....

I am happy to award this book 4*.

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